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10 iconic alt ’90s movie soundtracks

The '90s boasted tons of iconic alt movie soundtracks. From Letters to Cleo in 10 Things I Hate About You to Elliott Smith in Good Will Hunting, check out our picks. Continue reading…



Across pop culture, from fashion and music to TV and film, there’s no doubt that the ’90s birthed countless classics and styles that still resonate today. The intersection of music and film was especially influential in the decade — with the amount of incredibly curated soundtracks that came out being one of the reasons that so many titles and artists were put on the map, and made pop culture that remains as timeless as it is. As movie studios began to invest more in music licensing, and partnered with record labels on lucrative deals, soundtracks were able to invest in featuring both hitmakers and underground talent more than ever to make films extra memorable and unique. 

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The burgeoning alternative scene at the time specifically also helped movies come to life — in everything from teen romantic comedies and heartwarming dramas to action movies. Throughout the ‘90s, new alternative genres and subcultures emerged or developed in a way that eclipsed the mainstream, from grunge and industrial to Britpop and indie rock. The sounds undid decades of oversaturated sounds and instead celebrated uniqueness. The latter of which was the same for film. So in the ’90s, a movie had to be as good as its soundtrack. With the amount of effort that went into them, and the new alternative music that was coming out at the time that we still can’t get enough of, dozens of beloved works of art were released.  

10 iconic alt ’90s movie soundtracks

Allow yourself to get nostalgic with us as we reflect on 10 iconic soundtracks featuring alternative music from the ’90s, from Clueless to Empire Records.


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