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40 new artists you need to hear in February

new songs february 2021

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.  We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

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new songs february 2021
[Photos by: CLAUD/Angela Ricciardi, YONAKA/Jade Jackman, ATARASHII GAKKO!/Mitsuaki Koshizuka, Oxymorrons/Vee Sanders, LILHUDDY/Damon Baker]

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. 

We know there’s a lot of faces to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past four weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in January below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band. 

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19&YOU – “BORED!”

For fans of: LANY, Mokita, the Juans

Following their debut single “RUNNIN’,” 19&YOU share fresh synths and beats with “BORED!” Infused with smooth rhythms and relaxing vibes, the track takes you to sun-filled days that end in cool nights. Though there’s a lot going on in the track between the riffs, drum hits and lyrics, executive producer Noah Taylor says the band aren’t as outgoing. “It was one of those songs that started from a space of vulnerability and turned into just us having fun,” Taylor says. “To a certain extent, the song is satire. It’s so over the top sassy, and none of us are that way in real life. But I think the hyperbole of it all is what makes it so engaging.” The group are planning to release their self-titled debut EP this spring. 

almost monday – “live forever”

For fans of: Winnetka Bowling League, joan, the Ivy

With soaring riffs and charming lyrics, almost monday want to “live forever” in their latest single. Inspired by the Beastie Boys, the accompanying video takes us on a journey alongside the band as they attempt to meet up and complete a robbery. As the song is meant to inspire you to live your best life, the lively rhythm and success of the band’s mission are the perfect kick. “live forever” is the trio’s first single of the year and follows their 2020 EP, don’t say you’re ordinary.

Animal Sun – “every word”

For fans of: Marianas Trench, 3OH!3, the Ready Set

You’ll be hanging on to Animal Sun’s “every word” with their latest track that’s filled with dance hooks and head-bopping bounce. The pop quartet drop catchy choruses paired with upbeat synth breaks that will have you floating through the stars. “every word” is the band’s fifth single and the first track off their forthcoming visual album, Echoes Of A Dream.


For fans of: the peggies, frederic, POLKADOT STINGRAY

Japanese pop act ATARASHII GAKKO! mix hip-hop and upbeat rhythms for their latest track, “NAINAINAI.” Full of bounce with a hint of rock, “NAINAINAI” is an all-around fun track about being yourself and living freely. Self-choreographed, the group utilize their training in kumitaiso to create a dance that fits perfectly with the track’s aesthetic. The song is the band’s first single since their last release, wakage ga itaru, and also marks their debut with 88rising.   

A Better Hand – “Wrong One”

For fans of: Point North, Sincerely, Me, Young Culture

With the announcement of their signing to Mutant League Records, A Better Hand are gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP produced by Seth Henderson (Knuckle Puck, State Champs) with “Wrong One.” Serving catchy guitar riffs paired with rich rhythms and vocals, the band produce rambunctious altrock vibes. The track is the group’s second single since 2019’s Out Of Sight & Out Of Mind. Cheap Smokes And Champagne EP drops Feb. 26 and can be presaved here

Brave New World – “Sour Honey”

For fans of: The Amity Affliction, A War Within, Emery

Brave New World are searching for their big break with the hard-hitting “Sour Honey.” The track is influenced by how difficult it can be for smaller bands to get off the ground. Combine that frustration with slamming drums and roars and what you get is emotive post-hardcore. Driven by passion-filled lyrics, each stanza holds deep riffs accompanied by voltaic basslines. The track is featured on the band’s debut EP, Blossom, out now.

Buggin – “Brainfreeze”

For fans of: DARE, Kharma, Initiate

In celebration of signing with Flatspot Records, Buggin drop a hardcore anthem with  Brainfreeze.” Starting the track strong with wicked guitar shreds, the band tear through each break in fervor. While the bass pushes him forward, lead vocalist Bryanna Bennett delivers harsh screams that will get your arms swinging. “Brainfreeze” is the title track of their latest two-song release, which also includes a cover of Beastie Boys’ “Gratitude.”

Cathedral Bells – “Ether”

For fans of: The Neighbourhood, Wallows, the 1975 

Lingering synths and reverberating tones make Cathedral Bells’ “Ether” a dreamy ode encompassed in sparkle with a bit of darkness. With undeniable shoegaze vibes and pop rhythms supporting the background, the track takes on a cloud-like feel, slipping its way into the depths of the mind. “Ether” is the latest in a series of singles and follows “Dark Aura” as the band’s fourth release since 2020’s Velvet Spirit.

Claud – “Cuff Your Jeans”

For fans of: Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Smoothboi Ezra 

With echoing pitched-down vocals meant to provoke “a more courageous and outspoken persona,” Claud shares a personal track about yearning with “Cuff Your Jeans.” Resonating bass fills the background as drums lead the track through each verse and chorus. “Cuff Your Jeans” will be featured alongside “Soft Spot” and “Gold” on Claud’s debut album, Super Monster, out Feb. 12 via Phoebe Bridgers’ imprint with her label Dead Oceans, Saddest Factory Records

Cold Weather Kids – “Keep Me Warm”

For fans of: Man Overboard, Four Year Strong, the Wonder Years 

Opening with vivacious guitar riffs, Cold Weather Kids kick-start Quarantunes with a high-energy hit. “Keep Me Warm” is one of three on their latest EP release, which follows their 2020 debut EP, Songs We Can’t Finish. Unlike the other two songs on the EP, “Keep Me Warm” features a chilling vibe that goes straight to your bones. Minor chords are backed by energetic drums and lively vocals. As the track progresses, various stop-breaks keep the listener on their toes through each chorus before settling on a light piano finish.

Curtis Waters – “Doodoodoo”

For fans of: contradash, ROLE MODEL, Remi Wolf

Curtis Waters will have you singing “Doodoodoo” for days with his latest single. The premise behind the song is simple: It’s about taking a bath. Relaxing yet danceable, the track is sure to bring up your spirits with its bubbly tempos. As light vibraphone hits ring in the background, Waters’ own harmonies repeat throughout the track. The song is Waters’ first release since his debut LP, Pity Party, dropped in October last year.

dodie – “Hate Myself”

For fans of: I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Tessa Violet, beabadoobee

Sometimes, it can seem like you’re not doing enough for the people you care about, but dodie tells you otherwise in her latest single, “Hate Myself.” A plethora of soft percussion accompanies the singer, and each dip builds into intricate choruses filled with drums and hums. The track serves as the “inner monologue” of a person who thinks they’re the issue in their relationships, even though it’s the others who aren’t communicating. “Hate Myself” will be included on her debut album, Build A Problem, due out March 5 and available to preorder here.

The Effens – “Pavement Age”

For fans of: Gorillaz, Muse, Single Mothers

Channeling classic progressions mixed with contemporary rock grooves, the Effens explore their own version of post-grunge with “Pavement Age.” Led by slick basslines, charged guitars build toward electrifying solos spread throughout the song. It all culminates to a lingering ending, with small beeps finishing it out. “Pavement Age” is the band’s first release since 2019’s Unsafe and serves as the lead single for their next EP. 

Fauvely – “May3e”

For fans of: Demure For Sure, Roku Music, Pastel Dream

Fauvely revisit the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic with deep riffs in “May3e.” Dark basslines resonate through each progression, while haunting vocals echo through the waves. “May3e” was written during the shutdown, and while it’s not necessarily what the song is about, it did have influence over the words. “The song is about resigning to my surroundings,” singer Sophie Brochu says. “[It’s] about being OK with the outcome—about making one decision and not having control over another.The track will be included on their upcoming album, Beautiful Places, expected this spring. 

Four Stars – “Fool’s Gold”

For fans of: Youth Fountain, Mayday Parade, Hot Mulligan

Pop-punk quartet Four Stars are speaking out on systemic racism with “Fool’s Gold” and an accompanying music video depicting the “hypnosis” the United States is under. While upbeat drums play in the backtrack beside energetic guitars, vocalist Aida Ahmed calls for change. “We’ve been conditioned into complacency by a system—built by the privileged, for the privileged—that exploits the rest of us financially, physically and mentally,” Ahmed says. “How much louder must we yell for change before we are finally heard?” All proceeds from the track will go to BUILD Chicago, a nonprofit focused on gang intervention, youth development and violence prevention. “Fool’s Gold” is the group’s first single since 2020’s Headspace EP, and they’re currently working on a follow-up.

Friday Pilots Club – “I Don’t Care”

For fans of: Betcha, Weathers, the Happy Fits

Friday Pilots Club release all of their worries with the pop-rock infused “I Don’t Care.” Featuring a guitar solo that leaves you breathless, the track’s carefree vibe is as tenacious as its chorus. Behind the upbeat rhythms lies a deeper meaning focused on letting go of your anxieties and enjoying life. “There is so much we don’t have agency in, and learning how to get over it has been one of the most important skills I’ve ever learned,” singer Caleb Hiltunen says. “If you don’t agree with that, then ‘I Don’t Care.’” The track is duo’s second track this year following an unplugged version of their 2020 single “Look Better In Gold.”

G Flip – “Queen” (feat. mxmtoon)

For fans of: Vera Blue, Middle Kids, Odette

G Flip (Georgia Flipo) and mxmtoon team up for a heartwarming track about love. Featuring a pulsing bassline and falsettos that shine, “Queen” is nothing short of groovy. Inspired by the strong women in her life, Flipo wanted to write a piece that encompassed everything she felt for them. “My idea of a queen is not necessarily linked to gender,” she says. “Queens come in all forms and walks of life. To me, a queen embodies power and strength; they embrace all they are fiercely yet gracefully.” “Queen” is the latest in a string of singles since the release of About Us last year and follows “You & I” and “I’D RATHER GO TO BED.” 

glimmers – “Not Good At Goodbyes” (feat. lostbody)

For fans of: Maggie Schneider, Grayscale, Yours Truly

“A confession of love,” glimmers’ “Not Good At Goodbyes” highlights the hurt that comes when you lose someone. Beginning with a solo guitar, the track rises quickly, soon filled with drums and fine riffs. Contrasting melodies between vocalist Maggie Schneider and Nick Pena (lostbody) come together at the chorus with captivating harmonies. Shot by Deanna Elise, the music video is the first of a cinematic series detailing the ups and downs of a relationship. The track will be included on the band’s upcoming EP, Worlds Apart, which drops April 23 via Common Ground Collective.

Grace Gaustad – “Out Of Time”

For fans of: Christina Grimmie, Lena, Kurt Hugo Schneider  

Grace Gaustad mixes pop beats with dreamy synths and rhythms in “Out Of Time.” Addressing her need to go through life without flashy accessories, the singer questions if there’s still a chance to live simply. As the first single since 2019’s Human, the track reintroduces the singer through shining melodies and steady dance breaks. The track is Gaustad’s first single off her upcoming EP, After Dark I.

HEADACHE – “lifehaspassedmeby”

For fans of: DON BROCO, Superlove, Deaf Havana

The second release off his upcoming EP, Get Off The Internet, HEADACHE’s (Mike Duce formerly of Lower Than Atlantis) “lifehaspassedmeby” is a reflection on his life as an artist. A simple backbeat guides Duce through each verse, his voice shining as he hits sweet falsettos. As the track progresses, synths join in for a swaying bridge and upbeat finish. Get Off The Internet drops Feb. 26 and is available to preorder here.

Jasiah – “Unintelligible” (feat. nascar aloe)

For fans of: ITSOKAYTOCRY, Joey Trap, Tokyo’s Revenge

Self-produced and on fire from the very beginning, Jasiah is almost “Unintelligible” in his latest single. Alongside rapper nascar aloe, the vocalist melds the grittiness of hardcore with sick trap beats. Fast-paced, the track is unrelenting in its speed, never letting up until the duo reach the very last note. The song is Jasiah’s latest in a string of singles since the release of his debut LP, Jasiah I Am, and follows “Poles (Pt. 2)” and “Surfs Up.”

Jetty Bones – “That’s All”

For fans of: Kacey Musgraves, Halsey, Dryjacket 

Combining hip-hop and pop beats, Jetty Bones (aka Kelc Galluzzo) wants to push boundaries not only in her art but also in her relationships to make sure they’re the best they can be. With “That’s All,” the singer defines what should be allowed in a healthy relationship with sweet harmonies and melodic verses. “How far can we go before that process turns into a conflict instead of a conversation,” Galluzzo says. “Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a platonic one or even one that exists within yourself, sometimes we all struggle to find that line.” “That’s All” is Jetty Bones’ second single since 2019’s EP and follows last year’s “Taking Up Space.” The track will be featured on her upcoming debut LP, Push Back, due out Feb. 26 via Rise Records

Kamiyada+ – “Metal In Me”

For fans of: Original God, Yung Bambi, Muppy

Along with recently joining Hopeless Records’ roster, Kamiyada+ (Jovani Duncan) also dropped his second single of the year with “Metal In Me.” Fueled with burning verses and hot beats, Duncan’s vocals rampage through each line. Every scream is complemented by glitched-out synths and floor-shaking bass. The hardcore rapper says he knew the track was going to be important for him since the beginning. “It gave me confidence,” Duncan says. “It’s not a cocky song, but I felt really powerful and free.”


For fans of: Halsey, Carlie Hanson, renforshort

Alt-pop vocalist KILLBOY (Sara Skinner) doesn’t care about what you think of her relationships and makes it clear with “U + ME.” Moving between soft falsettos in the verses and deeper vocalizations in the bridge and chorus, Skinner makes smooth transitions as synths and guitars weave around her. “U + ME” is the latest in a string of singles since KILLBOY’s debut in 2019 with “WHEREDAFUCC” and follows 2020’s “HOW U GON’.” 

Little Hurt – “Messed Up”

For fans of: TWIN XL, Super Whatevr, DREAMERS

Little Hurt (Colin Dieden) remembers his parents’ divorce, and he dealt with it in his personal single “Messed Up.” With “I’m so messed up” repeated throughout the song’s duration, there’s a sense of catharsis as Dieden comes to terms with how that experience affected him. “I keep thinking things will be clearer as I get older, but that just never happens,” Dieden says. “As much wisdom as you gain from your experiences, life constantly throws new challenges, and there’s really no way to ever be prepared.” Co-written by Nick Anderson (The Wrecks) and Nick Bailey (Machine Gun Kelly, DREAMERS), the track features resonating guitar riffs alongside bouncing keys. “Messed Up” is included on the singer’s latest EP, Every Second, which dropped Jan. 29.

MONOWHALES – “Out With The Old”

For fans of: Fake Shark, the Beaches, Dear Rouge

MONOWHALES are “Out With The Old” and letting go of the mess that was the past year. As they embrace their new realities, fiery riffs accompany steady drums, which lead into crashing breaks. Rock bass grooves hum below each note, creating energetic vibrations that are felt more than heard. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming album, Daytona Bleach, due out March 5. Preorders are available here.

Odds Of An Afterthought – “Curtain Call”

For fans of: We Came As Romans, Counterparts, Silverstein 

Odds Of An Afterthought aim to encourage you to keep your head up with “Curtain Call.” Heavy riffs and chugs are let loose throughout the track, while striking drums drive the rhythms. Just when you think they’ve dropped their heaviest break, another gripping breakdown soon follows and ends the track with a vicious finale. “Curtain Call” follows “Blinding Lights” and “The Truth Will Set You Free But First It Will Piss You Off” as the third single since 2019’s Through Eyes Of Change EP.

Oxymorrons – “Green Vision”

For fans of: Palisades, Nova Twins, FEVER 333 

Combining hip-hop and hard rock, Oxymorrons have the “Green Vision,” delivering headbanging beats and mosh-worthy breaks. Merging rap verses with ripping progressions, the quartet skillfully shred through each note. The track is the band’s first single since “Justice” in 2020 when they  announced their signing to 333 WRECKORDS (owned by FEVER 333’s Jason Aalon Butler.)

Relics – “Static”

For fans of: Wage War, Bring Me The Horizon, Crown The Empire

Metalcore quartet Relics are urging you to speak out and make your voice heard with their hard-edged single “Static.” Gripping progressions dominate every verse as each line goes back and forth in an argument about what’s good and what’s wrong. “Static” is the title track for the band’s latest EP, which comes after the release of the other tracks on the album, “Polarity,” “Avarice” and “Radio Silence.”

Shamir – “Diet”

For fans of: Jyoti, Good Sad Happy Bad, BUMPER

Though he never originally planned on it, Shamir shares a new music video for “Diet,” taken off his latest self-titled release. Written after watching My Friend Dahmer, the track’s macabre lyrics are offset by the video’s relaxing backgrounds and simple aesthetics. Despite the bright guitar riffs and cheerful-sounding melodies, the true meaning of the track is much more serious. “The deeper meaning of the song is less about the gore or even Jeffrey Dahmer,” Shamir says. “[It’s] more about the battle we all have with our darker urges and/or neurosis that tend to appear during our adolescence/pubescent years and how that plays a part in developing our moral compass.” 

TheHxliday – “Laugh A Little”

For fans of: POORSTACY, DC The Don, GARZI

TheHxliday wants you to “Laugh A Little” through the tough times and try to keep some positivity. A synth beat lays the foundation for the track while the rapper delivers each line with joy. With lyrics that are catchy, the song will have you smiling along with it. “Laugh A Little” is featured on TheHxliday’s Batbxy, available now via Motown Records. 

Thirdface – “Villians!”

For fans of: Attack Attack!, the Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I

Mixing punk riffs with the aggressiveness of metal, Thirdface drop the first track off their debut LP, “Villians!” Featuring a series of time and tempo changes, the band practice complete control as every note lines up in its places. Speaking on the “irons of wage slavery,” the quartet deal out critical lyrics surrounded in fiery patterns. The band’s debut LP, Do It With A Smile, drops March 5 via Exploding In Sound Records.

TrueShot – “Mirage”

For fans of: InVisions, Infinite Illusion, Wage War

Metalcore trio TrueShot prove that despite setbacks and other circumstances, dreams can become realities. Inspired by vocalist Richard Janvrin’s journey to being a musician, “Mirage” is nothing short of hard-hitting. Deep roars are accompanied by trembling drums and intricate riffs. “Mirage” is the band’s first single of the year and follows 2020’s “Reticent” and “Find Me, I’m Missing.”

Valley Maker – “No One Is Missing”

For fans of: Liza Anne, Field Medic, Saintseneca

Valley Maker (Austin Crane) shares relaxing folk rhythms alongside introspective lyrics in “No One Is Missing.” Soft vocalizations harmonize in the background as an acoustic guitar rings beside steady drums. “I wrote the track as a way of grappling with the partiality and temporality of how we connect with one another,” Crane says. “I guess [it was] an attempt to collect and reflect on recent experiences of loss, love, leaving, returning, missing, etc.” The track will be featured on Valley Maker’s upcoming album, When The Day Leaves, out Feb. 19 via Frenchkiss Records

The Vaughns – “Raina”

For fans of: Glacier Veins, Ratboys, Pollyanna

The Vaughns focus on love and all the pleasant feelings that come with it in their sweet-sounding single, “Raina.” Accompanied by simple guitar rhythms, Anna Lies vocals drift through each note with ease. A love song in its truest form, Lies calls it their “most vulnerable release yet.” The track is featured on the band’s latest EP, rom-coms + take-out, which is available via Equal Vision Records

Verzache – “Look Away”

For fans of: khai dreams, Peachy!, atlas

Verzache (Zach Farache) asks you not to Look Away” from him with this catchy anthem. Despite the lightness that comes with bedroom pop, Farache sings of his worries with relatable lyrics. Conjoined with a buzzing bassline, glittering synths accent the background and its echoing vocalizations. The track will be featured on Farache’s forthcoming album, My Head Is A Moshpit, due out later this year. Preorders are available here.

YONAKA – “Seize The Power”

For fans of: Palaye Royale, cleopatrick, the Faim

From the first second of their latest track, YONAKA truly “Seize The Power.” Powerful bass beats are backed by staccato vocalizations before singer Theresa Jarvis opens the first verse with vicious spoken word. With hopes of the listener to “get lost in a feeling of strength and empowerment,” the band build the track up to a striking bridge charged with electric riffs and beats. The track is the group’s first release since 2020’s Yonaka Stripped Back, which featured three acoustic renditions from their debut LP, Don’t Wait ’Til Tomorrow

Yuno – “Somebody”

For fans of: Arlie, Sure Sure, Gus Dapperton

Emo-pop vocalist Yuno proves that he’s “Somebody” with his beat-driven new single. Drawing inspiration from genres such as reggae, punk and Southern hip-hop, the singer says young Yuno would be proud. “Spending so much time at home during the pandemic brought back a lot of feelings from my adolescence,” he explains. “I grew up as somewhat of a loner, spending most of my time isolated in my bedroom. I wanted to capture the parallels between my life now and the life of my younger self.” “Somebody” is Yuno’s latest release in a series of singles since 2019. He’s currently working on the follow-up his 2018 Sub Pop debut, Moodie EP.

Zero Theorem – “JOKE”

For fans of: Papa Roach, Disturbed, Silent Theory

Exploring the illusions of life between “cyberspace and the physical world,” Zero Theorem take a journey through a world of neon in their music video for “JOKE.” Unlike its imagery, the track is far from psychedelic. Shredding guitar riffs and thundering drums accent each colorful frame as vocalist Caesar sings of “self-delusion.” The track is included on the band’s latest EP, The Killing II, which is available to stream here


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