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5 songs to soundtrack soul-sucking jobs, picked by the Dirty Nil

To celebrate the release of the Dirty Nil’s new album, Free Rein To Passions, frontman Luke Bentham picked songs that have soundtracked his soul-sucking jobs. Continue reading…



With the Dirty Nil, catharsis comes quickly. The band plug in their gear, crank up their amps, and produce some of the most blistering rock. Their new album, Free Rein To Passions, is out today via Dine Alone Records, and once again, the Canadian outfit have penned another great collection of rippers. The songs range from working stupid jobs to trying to be a kinder person, and they’re sure to go even harder on their upcoming tour with Daniel Romano’s Outfit, which kicks off this June.

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To celebrate the album’s release, frontman Luke Bentham picked songs that have soundtracked his soul-sucking jobs over the years to hopefully inspire you to go follow your passion instead.

Drug Church – “Weed Pin”

“I should have burned this place to the ground.” We’ve all been there. Minimum wage catharsis of the highest order. 

Stompin’ Tom Conners – “Tillsonburg”

When I was a kid, his discography was on repeat in the car and at home. Most of his songs are embedded in my head. The summer I turned 22, I got a job building decks. It was tough as hell, but I actually loved it. All summer, I hummed this song. “My back still aches when I hear that word.” 

Nirvana – “Sliver”

My first job was a paper route. I had a CD player with Nirvana’s ‘black album’ of hits and I became completely obsessed. When “Sliver” came on, I would just dump the rest of my papers in the ditch and ride my wagon down the hill. Didn’t last long at that job.

Taylor Swift – “Love Story”

I would not recommend this song, but I had to include it. When I hear this goddamn song, I’m instantly transported back to my summer job at a sporting goods store, where it played over a bunch of old broken speakers every 10 minutes, every goddamn day. No knock on TS, but for me this song is the sound of minimum wage, angry customers, and angrier managers. 

The Stooges – “No Fun”

This is the first song I put on when I quit the job mentioned above. My boss wouldn’t give me time off to play a show, so I tendered my resignation and put this song on full blast. For me, this song will always feel like speeding away from Canadian Tire, never to return. 


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