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6 takeaways from Mitchel Cave’s Artist Friendly interview

Mitchel Cave of Chase Atlantic joined Joel Madden on the most recent episode of the ‘Artist Friendly’ podcast, presented by Alternative Press. Here’s what we learned. Continue reading…



The Artist Friendly podcast just wrapped up its three-part interview series with Chase Atlantic. After dropping episodes featuring Christian Anthony and Clinton Cave, today saw the release of host Joel Madden‘s interview with lead vocalist/bassist Mitchel Cave. 

On the episode, available now wherever you listen to podcasts, Cave spoke to Madden about the alternative trio’s evolution, their expansive creative vision, his upbringing, and more. Below you listen to the interview, check out a handful of key takeaways from the conversation below. 

Joel Madden remembers exactly how he first met Chase Atlantic

For a moment on the episode, Cave flips the script and asks Madden a question — if he remembers when he first met Chase Atlantic. He says he remembers it exactly and came across the band on YouTube before they had many views, but thought, “I think this band is incredible and I think they’re doing it all on their own.” He says, “I could feel it,” and was impressed with their songwriting quality. The two then reflected on how Madden first met with Christian and then connected with the rest of the trio at a show. “When we saw the show, we were like, ‘This is it. This band is going to be one of the biggest bands in the world,” he says, and the rest is history. 

Cave thinks “GREENGREENGREEN” is one of Chase Atlantic’s most underrated songs

Chase Atlantic have a handful of fan-favorite tracks, from early songs in their discography like “Friends” and “Swim” to more recent releases. Cave and Madden talk about the band’s most beloved songs and what it’s like to still play them today, but when asked what his personal favorite that he wishes got more love was, Cave says, “I still love “GREENGREENGREEN.” Of the song from 2019’s DON’T TRY THIS, he says, “I did so much word play in there and I had so much fun making it.” Who knows? Maybe that means it’ll make it back onto the setlist someday. 

NAV, Owl City, and the 1975 are some of his favorite artists

During his discussion with Madden, Cave revealed three of his favorite artists, and his picks may surprise you. He cites Canadian rapper NAV, who fires off lyrics that are relatable to his own life. Next, he names Owl City, whose 2009 hit “Fireflies” was inescapable. “He’s a synth god. He’s the reason I started producing. He just created this new sound I’d never heard before when I was very malleable at that age,” Cave gushes. Lastly, he says the 1975 will “always be the coolest band,” and if you’ve seen their latest tour, you’ll likely agree.

Cave has always thought Good Charlotte are one of the coolest bands

Good Charlotte were a staple of 2000s pop-punk for a good reason, and Cave raves that he’s always thought the band stood out from the rest of the pack. In their heyday, he says “their lyricism was for the people,” with Good Charlotte’s verses acting more like rap music, whereas other pop-punk acts were pulling from R&B. That left a big impression on him. “You guys rapped in some of your songs! I’ve never rapped. I would have to do it in an Australian accent, which would not sound good at all,” he jokes.

Microdosing mushrooms has given him a lot of focus lately

Cave says he recently started microdosing mushrooms to help his ADHD, and doing so keeps him focused. “Being a creative, sometimes it feels like there’s a void in your stomach, and you can’t fill it with anything. The easiest option is drugs,” he explains. However, there are healthier ways to improve your mood. He says mushrooms have “freed up a lot of space in his brain,” comparing his mind to a drive that’s just been wiped, but the best part is being able to look back six months and feel like a completely different person. “You don’t see the growth when you’re watching it every day,” he says

Chase Atlantic has learned that authenticity and patience is everything

Cave says on the podcast that his main advice for aspiring creatives is to value authenticity and to be patient. He says, “Just don’t ever force anything, ever, even if it’s the right move,” he says. He explains it’s something Chase Atlantic has learned from experience, often passing up opportunities in favor of “doing it fractionally” and what felt more right to them. “That way, it’s set in stone. It’s not a high and a low, it’s a gradual incline.” And along with being persistent, he stresses that it’s important to be patient, which he calls the “number one thing because you’re not going to see results overnight.” Given Chase Atlantic’s rise, it seems like his advice checks out. 


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