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A Skindred song from 20 years ago is suddenly going viral and it’s making everyone, including frontman Benji Webbe, bust out their best moves

A new “reggae metal” dance craze is taking TikTok by storm, and it’s all thanks to younger fans on the app discovering Skindred’s 2002 anthem Nobody for the first time



For many rock and metal fans, Skindred‘s 2002 anthem Nobody is an old but golden classic. On TikTok however, a platform known for having a younger audience, a new generation are just discovering it for the first time, and new listeners can’t seem to get enough.

This new-found love for the two decade-old reggae-metal hit has spiralled on the video-sharing platform via a new dance craze, one which sees TikTok users shaking their hips and flopping their arms around in a super funky way. 

At this time of writing, the Skindred hashtag has 6.8M views, while the reggae metal hashtag has over 600K.

The dance trend was started by a user named Shin (@ayoshin), whose moves are now being adopted by fans all across the app: such is its popularity that it’s actuallt come to the attention of Skindred frontman Benji Webbe, who has recorded his own video reacting to the trend.

“Seen people posting our song Nobody, tried the dance that shit ain’t easy”, the singer writes in a video, while trying his best to replicate the moves.

“Man I can’t believe people are just now discovering Skindred”, writes one long-time fan underneath one of Shin’s videos, whose creations soundtracked by the song are now amassing hundreds of thousands of views. Another says: “Love that a new generation is discovering Skindred! Fantastic band”.

While older Skindred listeners are coming together to reminiscence over the reggae-metal group and enthuse over the “throwback” factor of Nobody suddenly becoming popular, newer fans are also sharing in the love, with comments that read “Couldn’t find a better genre that fits my personality” and “Can’t believe I’d never heard of this band before”.

Check out videos of the trend below:

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Jamaicans can do rock too😂😂😂

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Can’t hate for giving a girl options 🤣🇯🇲

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DC: in tags

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We did it in public! Dc:me tag away 😂😂😂

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