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Adorable videos of cats losing their sh*t to Iron Maiden is clearly what the internet was invented for

Personally, we can’t think of any better use of our time than watching videos of felines freaking out to one of metal’s biggest bands



The internet, as we know, is an infinite pool of knowledge; need to work out how long it takes to cook an apple strudel? Google’s your guy. Trying to solve an intricate maths equation but forgotten everything you know about Pythagoras’ theorem? Same deal. Really, though, we all know the internet’s real use, and that’s looking up videos of adorable cats doing adorable things. And of course, listening to our favourite bands, such as Iron Maiden.

Now, there’s a TikTok video which features a compilation of our furry friends, crawling and nodding and flouncing around to Iron Maiden’s 1984 Powerslave anthem The Duellist.

Better yet, there’s actually a whole account dedicated to this wondrous union of cats and metal. There’s cats dancing to The Trooper, Fear Of The Dark and more. And if Iron Maiden isn’t your bag, then there’s even one of cats dancing to System Of A Down’s Chop Suey. Lovely stuff.

Iron Maiden are currently on the European leg of their Legacy Of The Beast tour. They’ll be travelling across the pond for the next segment of the trek on August 30, playing in Brazil, before moving on to USA on September 11. 

As part of their ongoing tour around Europe, Iron Maiden recently launched their very own train, which fans travelled on from Stockholm to attend the British NWBHM band’s show in Gothenburg on July 22. 

Christened ‘Train 666‘, the vehicle was a X74 74004 model, decked out in Iron Maiden regalia and filled with limited edition Maiden merch for 244 lucky passengers, launched as a joint collaboration between MTRX and Warner Music.

But enough of that. Have some cats:

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