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Aidan Bissett finds authentic sound in indie track “Communication”—watch

aidan bissett communication video

Indie-rocker Aidan Bissett wants people to start talking to each other again in his new song “Communication,” exclusively premiering with Alternative Press.  While both the song and video are breezy and light-hearted, the underlying message is much deeper. After dealing with the pandemic for over a year, the way people interact with each other has […]

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aidan bissett communication video
[Photo via Aidan Bissett]

Indie-rocker Aidan Bissett wants people to start talking to each other again in his new song “Communication,” exclusively premiering with Alternative Press. 

While both the song and video are breezy and light-hearted, the underlying message is much deeper. After dealing with the pandemic for over a year, the way people interact with each other has shifted and Bissett wants to fix that. 

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The video is set in a lush beachside location and uses a fish-eye lens for a unique, home video style visual effect. Pink microphone in hand, the 17-year-old sings in an environment that almost exactly mirrors the vibes of the song. 

The chill sound of “Communication” also parallels the way the singer approaches music. Raised on classic-rock bands such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, he began playing music at a very young age. Using it as a way to escape the stress of life and moving across the country, Bisset’s music is both laid-back and meaningful.

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You may recognize the singer from TikTok where his posts about his music have garnered him over 100,000 followers. Recently, he has been teasing “Communication,” giving fans sneak peaks while calling it the “song of the summer.”

@aidan.bissettWhat do u thinkkkk! #newsong #songofthesummer #indiekid #fyp♬ original sound – Aidan Bissett

Much like other rising alternative artists such as Blu DeTiger and Ashnikko, TikTok has given Bisset a platform to be creative and showcase his music directly to those who will enjoy it the most.

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He first found a following after releasing “Different” last July for fun, with no expectations of anything coming from it. But soon after, it gained traction and he found himself with a new fanbase. This motivated him to release “Worst Girls Of All Time” a month later. After it was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist that highlights independent artists, Bissett signed to Capitol Records in late 2020.

More recently, he shared his third single “More Than Friends” with fans last September. TikTok played a big part in its success, helping it surpass 1.3 million plays on Spotify.

@aidan.bissettI know it’s a long shot but who knows it might happen! #blowthisup #ineedyourhelp #music #PajamaJam #viral♬ Worst Girls of All Time – Aidan Bissett
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He credits Wallows and Dylan Minnette with introducing him to the indie-rock genre after seeing them perform live in a hotel basement when they were still a small band. The show made him forget his worries and allowed him to have fun and appreciate the music. Because of this, Bisset hopes his music does for others what they did for him.

A high school senior, he is able to connect with many of his fans on a personal level given he understands the pressure being a teenager holds. This is what makes the message of his music so real and sincere. The vulnerability of his songs shows other teens there is someone out there that knows what they are feeling.

You can watch the video for “Communication” as well as get an exclusive look at Bissett’s creative process and influences below.

In the last year, the pandemic has changed how many people interact with others, and you touch on that in “Communication.” What is the message you want to come across with the song?

Obviously, this pandemic has been incredibly difficult for everyone around the world. One thing I noticed, in particular, was that during this time communication between friends, family, and relationships slowly started to become minimal. Many people including myself were locked in their homes with no human interaction outside their own families. FaceTime doesn’t really cut it. People who were already anxious about expressing their feelings to others felt even more closed off and isolated while being tucked away at home. I especially struggled with this. I felt my social skills were beginning to slip away and I soon unconsciously removed myself from all social situations.

This song is me shouting out to the world and explaining how important it is to communicate with anyone you have a relationship with because these relationships are what get us through these tough times. Communication doesn’t just maintain relationships, it also helps build them. 

Walk us through the process of making this song, from having the idea to visualizing it in the video.

The process of creating this song started out with a bright guitar loop and a distorted melody. I tend to start most of my songs with guitars because I love the way they sound. One of the bands I love listening to is Wallows. They do an amazing job at creating unique guitar melodies to sit over the top of a chorus so I wanted to try and create something with a similar vibe. Once finishing the rough demo I got linked up with Zach Farache, also known as Verzache, to help produce the song. Zach is a legend and I’m a fan so I was stoked he was so eager to work on this one with me. Zach really brought it to life and helped paint the picture I was trying to express. 

You credit Wallows as introducing you to the indie-rock genre. What other artists inspire you, and how is their influence present in your music?

I take inspiration from many artists including Coin, Wallows, Role Model, Tame Impala, Verzache, Dayglow, and so many more. Instead of taking inspiration from just one artist, I like to implement aspects from many different artists into my songs to create my own sound. I love using guitar melodies like Wallows, tape delay like Dayglow, 808’s like Verzache and Role Model, and synths from Coin and Tame Impala. Being able to mix these styles and experiment is one of the greatest gifts that being a musician comes with. I hope one day an artist in the future can look at my music like I do these artists.

As someone who started playing music at a very young age, what is the one piece of advice you would give to kids who also love music and want to do what you do as an artist?

For anyone wanting to make music, no matter your age, a piece of advice I would have is to just go out, try it, and not worry about any judgment you might think you’ll receive. At the beginning, I was so afraid to express my feelings through music, and I would refuse to show people or talk to people about my music. I got to a point where I had to make a decision, to pursue my dream or to throw it away in fear of judgment. I didn’t want my fear to control me anymore and I am so beyond grateful that I made that decision.

After releasing music all my friends rushed to support me. People I hadn’t talked to in years texted me asking how I could keep that secret from them. It was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I know this is much easier said than done, but you will never know what the other side feels like unless you try it. Yes, this road is not easy and there will be failures, but those failures will help you grow into a stronger artist and more importantly a stronger person. What’s life without a little bit of failure? Just be ready to get back up and try again because it will all work out.

Since your previous singles last summer, have you changed as an artist and how can we see that in “Communication”?

Since releasing music last summer I have definitely grown as an artist. At the beginning, I was very unfamiliar with the creation of music and created songs through trial and error, today I still do that but I have learned so much. This song is a culmination of the past year of experience I’ve gained. This hiatus from releasing music has allowed me to grow as an artist, absorbing any new skills and information that allows me to better my creation. I still love trying all kinds of new styles and sounds out, but I finally feel that I am finding my own sound, which feels great.

What should fans expect from you looking toward the future?

I have so much planned for the future! I’ve been working on a ton of new music so fans should be ready for a wild summer of crazy cool songs! I hope to get out and perform as well because seeing my listeners in person and connecting with them face to face is something I have always wanted to do.


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