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Al Winter unveils new project Wynter with video for Sometimes

This Winter Machine singer Al Winter announces new, more diverse side project Wynter



This Winter Machine frontman Al Winter has unveiled a new side project, Wynter. They have released a new video for Sometimes, which you can watch below.

The new venture sees Winter using a core of musicians including backing vocalist and flautist Charlie Bramald, drummer Alan Wilson and guitarist Simon D’Vali augmented by guest players on a per track basis. Sometimes also features bassist Lee Dawson, keyboard player Reuben Jones and guitarist Simon D’Vali.

“The track is based on a guitar/melody idea I had a few years ago and never got to use,” Winter explains. “It’s about uncertainty in a seemingly normal relationship and how that feeds into itself and can make things worse. 

The project has been an opportunity for me to work with people I’ve known a while. We all knitted together almost instantly and the track was put together and ready to record after just two rehearsals.”

Sometimes will be be available to download soon, with an album hopefully following in March or April backed up with some live dates.

“The thinking is that I can play around with styles people might not associate closely with my main band This Winter Machine, such as folk, heavier guitars and riffs,” Winter adds.