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Alex Henry Foster releases live clip of Winter Is Coming In

Canadian post-rocker Alex Henry Foster will release new live album Standing Under The Bright Lights in April



Alex Henry Foster has released a new live clip of Winter Is Coming In. It’s taken from the Canadian post rocker’s upcoming live album Standing Under Bright Lights. Recorded live at the Montreal Jazz Festival, the album will be released through Hopeful Tragedy Records on April 16. You can watch the new video below.

“I don’t have much of a writing method when it comes to lyrics, if for the fact that I usually have to complete enough of a song’s body in the same draft to actually consider adding it to my writing book,” explains Foster. “I always find it difficult to trust an emotion that requires sessions and sessions of writing and rewriting. I’m not talking about looking for the right word or defining a more honest way of expressing myself – this comes in the “live” writing sessions. But I never really insist if I’m unable to find what I call the source. But sometimes, not finding this source haunts me. And Winter Is Coming In is one of those songs.”

The Montreal performance acted as a homage to Foster’s late father, who had died almost 5 years prior, almost to the day of the event. It would consist of a performance of Foster’s debut album Windows In The Sky, re-invented for the occasion as an 11-piece band set to perform along a movie projection produced by Foster.

Standing Under Bright Lights was originally set to be released in October last year, which would have been his father’s birthday, Foster decided to utilise the extra time the worldwide pandemic would give him to produce the album. He also decided to work on the concert film and on an upcoming book titled If Only the Voices In My Head Couldn’t Lie, to be released in the spring of 2021.

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