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Alice Cooper has released a lullaby album for babies

For all the girls and boys makin’ all that noise, Alice Cooper has released an album to soothe troubled tots



Good news, Babies Of The World: Alice Cooper has released a lullaby album. Titled Lullaby Versions Of Alice Cooper, the compilation features oh-so-soothing instrumental renditions of some of the shock-rockers’ biggest hits including Poison, School’s Out and Under My Wheels

The album has been shared in partnership with Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar, a company that produces lullaby-versions of songs by famous bands such as Metallica and The Beatles.

Also recently, it has come to our attention that Alice Cooper has had his nail-polished fingers in quite a few multi-generational pots. From his account on TikTok where he dabbles in the more Gen-Z related humour, to this new record for infants, it’s clear Alice Cooper knows how to entertain audiences of any age. Next up, Alice Cooper-branded makeup for millennials? Yes, please.

So grab a blanket, children (or sleepy-eyed adults), and listen to the lullaby version of Poison below.