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Alice In Chains’ Rooster in the style of Type O Negative is exactly what the world deserves right now

Alice In Chains’ Rooster gets the Peter Steele treatment



YouTuber Denis Pauna’s series of cover versions in the style of Type O Negative should have run its course by now, but nope, there’s still juice in this here lemon.

The latest is his epic, nine-minute reimagining of Alice In Chains’ grunge classic Rooster. It’s just as faithful as his previous Peter Steele’d up covers of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets and The Unforgiven, but this one is way darker. Not surprising, given Alice In Chains’ original was pretty low on shits and giggles.

Still, if you’re already bored of enforced festive jollity and/or want the perfect depressing soundtrack to the end of a depressing year, step this way.

Check out the video and then head to Denis’ YouTube page to wallow in more Type O-style misery