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Alter Bridge’s Silver Tongue has been voted the best riff of 2022

Our fret-bothering friends over at Guitar World have named the greatest riff of 2022… and it’s by Alter Bridge



Alter Bridge’s Silver Tongue has been voted the greatest guitar riff of 2022.

The track, from the US band’s recent Pawns & Kings album, came top of a poll conducted by our friends at Guitar World.

As the magazine puts it: “Silver Tongue has “one of those riffs that devours the rest of the song. It has a force of gravity, pulling the melody, the bass guitar, the vocal, passing songbirds, mailboxes, the audience’s false teeth all into its orbit. And then along comes Mark Tremonti to flex that PRS of his and make mincemeat of us all.

“Indeed, the bold Tremonti all but puts electric fences and razor wire around the 12th fret to help him swear off soloing on this, a track that is to popular metal guitar what the coxless pair is to rowing, i.e. damn tricky, requiring inhuman levels of physicality, but spectacularly effective when both players/rowers are in sync.”

Other killer riffs in the Top 10 include Meshuggah’s The Abysmal Eye, Slipknot’s Warranty, Megadeth’s Night Stalkers and Bleed From Within’s Temple Of Lunacy.

Head over to Guitar World (opens in new tab) to check out the full list of the Top 10 Best Guitar Riffs Of 2022.