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“Amazing!”: Watch this Bon Jovi-approved cat accidentally (sort of) play the introduction to Livin’ On A Prayer

A TikTok video cleverly doctored to appear as if a cat is playing Livin’ On A Prayer has tickled Bon Jovi



From felines dancing to Iron Maiden, losing their little furry minds to System Of A Down or being digitally configured to sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (aka, Bohemian Catsody), there’s truly no better use on the internet for people with too much time on their hands than by creating weird cat videos. And of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a new TikTok video, one musician has altered an amusing clip of a cat placing his paws on a keyboard to make it appear as if it’s playing the introductory synth part to Bon Jovi’s hit Livin’ On A Prayer. 

While the cat isn’t really playing the memorable introduction – sorry to ruin the magic, folks – in the original video, the pet is indeed actually playing something else (however accidentally). As it stands on the keys, it produces a kind of eerie cinematic chord from the instrument, which has since captured the attention of multiple musicians, who have duetted along with it via guitars and drums to create ominous film score music or songs that “sound like Radiohead”. 

Multi-instrumentalist Gui Valentin however had other ideas. By changing the pitch to the cat’s initial chord, he instead starts to play the guitar and drum part of the 1986 glam metal track, and it’s all rather amusing – especially as the feline looks rather bewildered at the sound coming from its own paws.

The creation has even landed under the radar of Bon Jovi, who comment under the clip “Amazing!” alongside a teary-eyed laughing emoji.

Check it out below:

♬ som original – GUI VALENTIN
♬ sonido original – Prexton
♬ sonido original – Prexton