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Anneke van Giersbergen guests with Celestial Burst on debut EP The Maze

French melodic proggers Celestial Burst stream whole of latest EP The Maze



French melodic proggers Celestial Burst have streamed their debut EP The Maze. The new EP features a guest vocal performance on the title track from Dutch singer Anneke van Giersbergen. You can listen to the six-track EP in full below.

“It is the story of a woman who wanders in a world that she does not understand and to which she cannot adapt because it does not suit her,” explains Celestial Busrt mainman Alexis Lustenberger. “The labyrinth is the symbol that I wanted to give to the adventure that awaits her, littered with obstacles and dead ends.”

Celestial Burst were formed by Lustenberger in 2012 as a solo studio project before he was joined by singer and actress Kenza Laala to work on the lyrics and contribute to the vocals. They released The Maze through their Bandcamp age and steaming platforms last year.

Get The Maze.