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Aspic Boulevard release head-trip new video for Kubernetikós

Italian prog duo Aspic Boulevard will release Memory Recall Of A Replicant Dream shortly



Italian prog duo Aspic Boulevard (Sicilian brothers Alessandro and Marco Barrano) have released a new video for Kubernetikós which you can watch below.

Kubernetikós is taken from the duo’s upcoming album Memory Recall Of A Replicant Dream on Blow Up Records and the animated video created by the band takes its inspiration from the work of Karel Zeman, Ray Harryhausen and Cristina Làstrego.

“The sound is characterised by the use of vintage electronics: analogue keyboards, analogue drum machines, tape recorders, circuit bending and many homemade musical instruments, made of materials such as wooden boxes, metal springs and contact microphones,” the band explain. “Some others are built by modifying everyday objects, musical toys and transistor radios, as with the experimentations of Pierre Schaeffer and musicians from Musique Concrète school in France in the early 40’s. The whole project is a sound collage that puts together retro-Futurism, classic sci-fi nuances of 60s & 70s cinematic music, psychedelia and Kosmische.

“The concept of the video is the relationship between nature and technology, man and machine: a dualism represented through the allegory of a chess game. The various sculptures that appear in the video (the android’s head, the little robots and the mechanical fishes) were made by Marco, as well as the sets (the chessboard, the lunar landscape, etc.) and the springboxes. Alessandro, on the other hand, worked on photography and filming, taking care of every technical detail of the video.”

You can hear another Aspic Boulevard track, Akragas, on the free CD with the latest issue of Prog Magazine (which you can buy here).