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Avril Lavigne gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and more

The Latest, from Avril Lavigne to Nicolas Cage and more. This is our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style. Continue reading…



Welcome to The Latest, our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style. 

Avril Lavigne receives a well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Avril Lavigne is not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of her groundbreaking debut album Let Go but has also been awarded her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In a beautiful full-circle moment, the Canadian artist visited the Walk of Fame on her first trip to LA over 21 years ago and snapped a photo in tourist fashion, unaware that she’d have her own slice of history immortalized in Hollywood. At the celebratory event, which took place in front of Amoeba Records, Lavigne was joined by several notable guests, including Joel Madden and Machine Gun Kelly.

The Wonder Years pay tribute to a fallen friend with heavy new single

The Wonder Years have always had a knack for penning emotionally transparent songs, and their latest single “Old Friends Like Lost Teeth” is no exception. The new track arrives ahead of their highly anticipated seventh album, The Hum Goes On Forever, and vocalist Dan Campbell takes a moment to touch on his experience of grief after the loss of a friend. Additionally, the lyrics candidly wrestle with the idea of opening old wounds with a song while still offering a touching tribute. “Old Friends Like Lost Teeth” is one of the heaviest and most immediate songs the band have written in over a decade, which features an energetic yet simplistic video to capture the song’s spirit. 

Nicolas Cage will star in upcoming A24 comedy Dream Scenario 

Nicolas Cage has proven over the course of his 40-plus-year career that he’s as versatile as actors come, and his latest role will certainly keep up the tradition. Cage is set to star in an upcoming film titled Dream Scenario, produced by indie film powerhouse A24. Additionally, the movie will see the return of frequent A24 director Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary), ensuring a captivating cinematic experience. There are few details available about the film’s plot, but with Cage and Aster working together, our hopes are high.



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New York City will host a revolutionary clothing-free shopping experience 

New York City residents are invited to step into the future of the metaverse with a revolutionary new clothing store experience courtesy of the design group Crosby Studios and AR company ZERO10. There’s one catch, though: The space will be entirely clothing-free. In a post-pandemic world, and with the rise of AR technology, the space aims to offer a radical alternative to the traditional shopping experience where visitors can try on five video game-inspired garments using groundbreaking AR technology to ensure that the select clothing items will fit accordingly in the physical world. The appointment-only store will open Sept. 7 in Soho as part of New York Fashion Week, with the collection of digital garments seeing a physical release shortly after on Sept. 18. 

Winnie The Pooh is out for blood in a slasher spin-off film coming soon

Winnie The Pooh, the beloved children’s book character, has a new title to add to his resume: bloodthirsty murderer. In the horror spin-off that was once thought unimaginable, Pooh, Piglet and Christopher Robin will return for a hyperviolent new film titled Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey. Now that the rights to the original books have entered the public domain, director Rhys Frake-Waterfield will spearhead the movie centered around the plot of Robin returning to the woods years after leaving to find his once close friends Pooh and Piglet upset about his departure. This leads the once sweet and docile creatures to go on a rampage, targeting Robin and five women on a holiday trip. While there’s no release date quite yet, you can feast your eyes on the horrific first trailer below. 


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