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Babymetal share chapter-closing Stairway To Living Legend video

Babymetal conclude their 10-year anniversary celebrations with the Stairway To Living Legend video showcasing a performance of The One



Babymetal have marked the end to their 10 year anniversary celebrations with a new video, titled Stairway To Living Legend.

The film concludes the end of a decade of live performances and captures Su-metal and Moametal perform The One, a track lifted from their 2016 album Metal Resistance. During the performance, the pair make their way up a stairway in the clouds, symbolising that their time on earth has come to an end, and that they’ve now become “living legend”.

The Japanese kawaii metallers began their 10th commemorative year on October 10, 2020 with the greatest hits album 10 Babymetal Years. Following the release, they completed a total of 10 performances at the prestigious Nippon Budokan in Japan between January and April earlier this year. In addition, the pair held an exhibition at HMV museum in celebration of the release of their first live history book, 10 Babymetal Legends, and an exhibition at Tower Record Shibuya showcasing stage items from their performance at the Nipoon Budokan, while celebrating the release of their live album and footage 10 Babymetal Budokan. 

Now that Babymetal have concluded the decade, the group will be “sealed” from the world. Or in other words, they’ll go on some kind of hiatus. Apparently, only the mystical Fox God knows when the seal will be broken, and when the band will make their return. Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to “stay metal” and patiently await for a new “legend” to be born. 

Watch Stairway To Living Legend below: