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Bon Scott’s strange prog rock past explored on Fraternity’s Seasons Of Change

Your usual Bon Scott isn’t anywhere to be found on Fraternity’s Seasons Of Change: Complete Recordings 1970-1974



Fraternity are best known as the band Bon Scott fronted before joining AC/DC. And like many Aussie rock bands of the late 60s and early 70s, tend to get overlooked in favour of artists that followed in their wake. Yet theirs is a fascinating story. 

This impressive box set collects the band’s two studio albums, 1971’s raw and slightly roughshod Livestock and the wonderfully titled 1972 followup Flaming Galah with a third disc, Second Chance, of previously unheard demos and live material, along with an informative 48-page book.

Inquisitive AC/DC fans should be warned! Fraternity’s music bears little resemblance to the driving hard rock Bon would become famous for in DC. It’s a curious hybrid of UK prog and US rock, so while the likes of Somerville and Welfare Boogie come on like Little Feat or The Band, Raglan’s Folly (featuring Bon on recorder!), Grand Canyon Suites or their faithful cover of the Moody BluesQuestion display the band’s progressive intentions. 

In truth, Lowell George nor Keith Emerson had anything to fear, but Fraternity wore their hearts on their sleeves honestly and Scott’s singing across the board is something of a revelation.