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Brian Eno shares video for haunting new track We Let It In

Brian Eno will release his 22nd album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE in October



Brian Eno has shared a new video for a new track, the haunting We Let it In, which you can watch below.

We Let It In is the second rack released from Eno’s upcoming album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, which will be released through UMC on October 14. The new track and video is very much a family affair, featuring Eno’s daughter Darla on backing vocals while his granddaughter Anya provided the handwriting in the video, cerated by London-based, multi-disciplinary artist, Orfeo Tagiuri and Eno himself.

“My voice has changed, it’s lowered, it’s become a different personality I can sing from,” Eno says. “I don’t want to sing like a teenager, it can be melancholic, a bit regretful. As for writing songs again – it’s more landscapes, but this time with humans in them.

“I like creating worlds, that’s what I do as an artist, creating sonic worlds. Now after quite a long absence of humans in those worlds I have tried putting one in and seeing how they feel in the world I’ve made.”

At the same time Eno has announced a rare one-off talk, Space Music, as he discusses his approach to 3-dimensional sound, the environment and where we are in the world just now, at London’s Barbican for October 23.

Tickets go on sale Friday September 9.

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