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Burton C Bell’s Linkin Park diss has inspired a brilliant Fear Factory Vs Chester Bennington mash-up

Burton C Bell’s ‘Hybrid Theory was Fear Factory for kids’ comment to Metal Hammer inspires an excellent mash-up



When former Fear Factory frontman Burton C Bell likened Linkin Park’s 20 million-selling debut album Hybrid Theory toDemanufacture for kids” in Metal Hammer, he presumably didn’t realise the heated debates that his comment would inspire. But at least one good thing has emerged from the rudely upturned online hornet’s nest, in the form of YouTuber Hunter Forsberg’s rather excellent mash-up, which fuses riffs from Demanufacture with isolated vocal tracks from Linkin Park’s One Step Closer and Points Of Authority.

Now, full disclosure, Hunter Forsberg insists in the comments below the video that he had no idea about the furore which accompanied Bell’s remarks, and says that the inspiration for the mash-up came from a request from a Twitch user. But we’re prepared to bet… well, everything, if we have to… on our belief that the aforementioned Twitch user drew inspiration from Metal Hammer’s exclusive interview with Bell.  Unless, of course, it was just a HUGE COINCIDENCE. Whatever, these are mere details, let’s celebrate the fact that, whatever its genesis may have been, this mash-up exists in 2021.

And er, whisper it, listening to it, you can kinda hear what Bell meant, no?