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Cadaver win the Most Pointless Comeback Of 2020 award with new album Edder & Bile

Veteran Swedish death machines Cadaver return with their first album in 14 years. They shouldn’t have bothered



One of Norway’s longest-running death machines, Cadaver have never released the same album twice since their inception in 1988. Reduced to their original guitarist – and now vocalist – Anders Odden with currently very busy Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Tronos, Brave The Cold etc) guesting on drums, Edder & Bile is no exception, taking the band back to their late-80s thrashing roots. Despite being six years in the making, it’s supposed to be their roughest and sickest yet and indeed, it does succeed in that department. But plagued by an unfitting dry sound and uninspired riffing, the extremely rancid lyrical content sadly can’t hide how weak this is or how Odden’s gargling vocal performance drives the whole endeavour down.