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Cardiacs finally appear on streaming services

Cardiacs back catalogue appears on streaming services overt the weekend



The back catalogue of much-loved and influential British art rock band Cardiacs appeared unannounced on streaming services over the weekend.

Previously the band’s Bandcamp page had been the only digital access to the band’s music, but now you can access the band’s weird and delightful music via Spotifty, Apple Music and more as albums such as 1988’s A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window, 1989’s On Land And In The Sea, 1995’s Sing To God, 1999’s Guns and more can be accessed online.

There has been no official comment on the band’s website or social media channels and associated acts such as The Sea Nymphs, OceanLandWorld and Spratleys Japs remain unavailable on streaming services.

Cardiacs mainman Tim Smith sadly died, aged 59, in July last year. Smith suffered a heart attack inn 2008 during which he suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain, causing brain damage. He then developed the neurological condition dystonia, which curtailed work on future Cardiacs and other musical projects.

He then made significant progress with recovery to be able to oversee the completion of a second Sea Nymphs album, On The Dry Land, with Sarah Smith and William D. Drake in 2016.