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Chaos visits the Fripp-Willcox kitchen once again

The nation’s favourite musical duo deliver delight, as Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp cover the Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant



Yesterday, as sure as night follows day, Toyah and Robert Fripp posted another in their ongoing series of Sunday Lockdown Lunch videos. 

The video is a cover of The Sex Pistols’ 1977 classic Pretty Vacant, and it ups the Fripp-Willcox ante quite significantly: While mystery guitarist Sidney Jake remains resolutely mysterious, Fripp’s mohawk has been been dyed green for the occasion, and Toyah’s make-up and torso paint make her look like a lovely golden pheasant. Albeit a golden pheasant in a somewhat see-through top. 

Meanwhile, Fripp is gearing up for King Crimson’s Music Is Our Friend tour of the US, revealing that the band are the the first musical group to travel to the US under current National Interest Exemption rules. Due to COVID-related travel restrictions, UK citizens cannot currently travel to the US unless exempt, and exemptions are usually granted to individuals rather than groups of travellers. 

“Checking-in,” wrote Fripp, “with my Crimson Brothers of English background and English technicians, was rather more of an adventure than usual. Each of us had to be individually cleared by Homeland Security. Eventually a HS gentleman from HS Heathrow Division came out to examine and approve us. And we are through.

“So now, Road Warriors are in Go! mode. Although only one of them is able to refer to themself as The Hawk.

“I have spoken to Sweet Lips Willcox, at home rehearsing with Sidney Jake, so – yippee!”

King Crimson’s tour kicks off on July 22 at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL.