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Charli XCX’s new “Hot Girl” brings back her Vroom Vroom swagger

Charli XCX is back with the official release of her track "Hot Girl." The song will appear on A24's upcoming slasher film Bodies Bodies Bodies. Continue reading…



Charli XCX is back with the official release of her track “Hot Girl.” The song will appear in A24‘s forthcoming slasher film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Brief snippets of the track appeared in both of the movie’s trailers, but this is fans’ first chance to hear the new song in full.

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On “Hot Girl,” Charli’s aloof delivery is made even icier when compared to the energy of the purring 808 that lies just behind her vocals. Eventually, the two are joined by a shower of gleaming metal. The choir of clinks and clangs fill the sonic space, lending the track’s other elements some of their well-polished shine.

Charli is currently on her tour of North America and Europe in support of her fifth studio album, CRASH. The tour began in spring, and Charli’s now starting its second leg. You can find tickets and more information here.

Listen to “Hot Girl” below.


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