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Charlotte Wessels’ Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II is the sound of singer throwing off her own past

Album review: ex-Delain singer Charlotte Wessels goes well beyond the boundaries of symphonic metal on eclectic lockdown sequel Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II



Charlotte Wessels has become a veteran of the lockdown record. The feat of writing a song a month for the past two years has certainly done wonders to sharpen the ex-Delain frontwoman’s skills. Much like the first Tales From Six Feet Under – a compilation of a year’s worth of these self-produced tracks – Vol II is an accomplished and eclectic exercise in song- writing.

Experimenting with genres, she has a knack for gorgeous, poppy earworms like The Final Roadtrip, while Human To Ruin and The Phantom Touch are full-blown metal and showcase a more powerful side to Charlotte’s sweet voice. On the sharp-tongued Toxic she takes a less-is-more approach to instrumentation to create heaviness in new ways, and it’s excellent. All that’s missing is a real live band and instruments to do her songs justice.