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Chris Adler: Lamb Of God was “toxic”

“It was like frown-town all the time,” says Chris Adler of his departure from Lamb of God



Chris Adler has revealed that he left Lamb Of God because of a “toxic” atmosphere.

Speaking to Metal Sucks, the drummer compared the end of his tenure with his former band unfavourably with his new band Firstborne.

The drummer said he didn’t leave Lamb Of God because of musical differences. “I’m leaving this because it’s just… toxic,” he said of his departure. “Everywhere. Everything, And I’ve got to be a better father, husband, person than what this is dragging me into.”

Adler quit Lamb Of God in 2019, saying that “we’ve explored our friendships to the fullest.” He subsequently formed Firstborne with guitarist Hugh Myrone, drummer Girish Pradan and former Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo.

“There’s a lot of hate [from fans] like, ‘Oh my god, you left Lamb of God for this, what the fuck is this?’” he told Metal Sucks of the response to Firstborne. “It’s like, ‘Uhh… fun?’ Like… I’m just living my life with a smile. Because before it was like frown-town all the time. Like, ‘What the hell is going on here, we don’t know what the hell is going on, hopefully everybody beats the shit out of each other and we just get a check.’ So you know, it’s just time for me as an adult to kind of move on.”

Firstborne released their self-titled debut EP at the end of 2020. Their latest single, Save Myself, came out last month.