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Clannad release video of new version of In A Lifetime

Folk proggers Clannad duet with rising Irish singer Denise Chaila on new version of 1985 hit In A Lifetime



Clannad have released a video for a brand new version of their hit In A Lifetime, featuring rising Irish star Denise Chaila.

The new version was recorded in Donegal, the band’s family home and video was shot from a derelict church overlooking the Poison Glen. In A Lifetime, a duet with U2 singer Bono, originally featured on Clannad’s 1985 album Macalla, and reached No. 17 in the UK singles chart.

In the new version Limerick-based Chaila, whose 2020 album Go Bravely won the choice Music Prize Album Of The Year, brings her own style to the song, re-working Bono’s original vocal.

“When the project ‘Ireland in Music’ was confirmed last summer, I reached out to Denise after seeing her on a streaming event,” explains Clannad guitarist Pol Brennan. “I thought she stole the show! Blown away by her performance I asked her if she’d be interested in joining us for ‘In a Lifetime’ and a couple of weeks later she came to my studio in Kilkenny, with her team Munya GodKnows and MuRli and what a day we had… “

“Being trusted to sing In A Lifetime with Moya, knowing what it means to them and a vast community of people, is a blessing of many tiers,” adds Chaila. “One that was born over cups of tea, vulnerable conversation, storytelling and PB gently reminding me that singing should feel like breathing. This song, to me, has always spoken of a rebirth in the midst of a storm. Coming together to create this, felt exactly like that.” 

Clannad released the career encompassing box set In A Lifetime last year, and will undertake their own farewell tour, now rescheduled to 2022.

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