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Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman release video for Why Do You Hate Me?

Prog duo Nolan and Wakeman will release Tales By Gaslight box set in April



Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman have released a new lyric video for Why Do You Hate Me?. The track is taken from the duo’s upcoming 3CD box set, Tales By Gaslight, which will be released through Burning Shed on April 23.

Why Do You Hate Me? is taken from the proposed third album in a trilogy following the release of 1999’s Jabberwocky and 2002 The Hound Of The Baskervilles, which was inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was shelved because of a lack of record company funding, and is based around the confrontation between Frankenstein’s monster and his maker, Dr Frankenstein who is disowning him.

“Why Do You Hate Me? is a powerful song with an overarching theme of needing to be wanted and loved,” says Wakeman. “Essentially a song for the disadvantaged and marginalised, a theme many people will be able to relate to.”

Why Do You Hate Me? features Nolan and Wakeman in their tradition keyboard roles, they are joined by Paul Manzi (The Sweet) on vocals and David Mark Pearce (Monroe’s Thunder) on guitar.

Tales By Gaslight will feature remastered versions of their ‘future prog classics Jabberwocky and The Hound Of The Baskervilles along with a brand new disc Dark Fables as well as a 16-page booklet and 3 individual art prints of the three covers. Dark Fables features previously unreleased pieces that were intended to complete the trilogy and over 30 minutes of music conceived for the abandoned Frankenstein album and unused from The Hound of The Baskervilles. These include The Man Called Sherlock which was the original version of the Overture and 221B, inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ famous address.

The first 250 box sets will also include a 4th limited edition numbered art print of the box set cover signed by Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman.

Pre-order Tales By Gaslight.