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Corey Taylor: It terrifies me that conspiracy theories are the norm

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor pulls no punches in rant about conspiracy theorists



If you’ve ever wondered what Corey Taylor thinks about conspiracy theorists, you need wonder no more.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman has lambasted “people who may or may not be as intellectually inclined as other people” and who spout wild conspiracies as facts.

And he believes that if we allow them to go unchallenged, things will only get worse.

Taylor tells the NME: “I miss facts. I miss when we lived in a world where facts weren’t met with such disdain because they fly in the face of something that you believe.

“Belief is not a fact. And not only that, but the fact that people who may or may not be as intellectually inclined as other people have decided to kind of conflate these grandiose notions of conspiracy theories and absolutely fucking batshit fucking ideas just so they can make themselves feel special and feel like they are on to something.

“The fact that they do that just to make themselves feel special, and that it is attractive to other people like that and that now that is very much a norm is absolutely fucking terrifying to me.

“And unless that gets nipped in the bud fast and soon, it’s gonna get worse.”

He continues: “It doesn’t take intelligence to be an ‘expert.’ All you have to do is be confident enough in your own stupidity and you’re an expert. And an ‘expert’ doesn’t have to be anything that you recognise.”

Taylor is working on his second solo albumCMF2, which is due to be released later this year.