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Cosmograf premiere brand new video for I Stick To You

Cosmograf teams up with Blackheart Orchestra’s Chrissy Mostyn for new single I Stick To You



UK prog rockers Cosmograf have teamed up with The Blackheart Orchestra singer Chrissy Mostyn for their brand new video for I Stick To You. The song is taken frrom Cosmograf’s latest album Rattrapante, which isn released through Gravity Dream Music on March 26.

“It’s a bit of dark love story with its foundations rooted in Greek myth”, explains Cosmograf’s Robin Armstrong of the new video, which you can watch in full below. “I had written it with a female voice in mind to sing the chorus, where she responds to the desperate pleas from the male character. I knew I needed a really ethereal and mysterious female voice to make it work, and instantly thought of Chrissy and her amazing work with The Blackheart Orchestra. I was thrilled when she agreed to not only sing the vocals but help make the video too.

“Chrissy’s vocals were recorded at a studio in Manchester before lockdown and being unable to get together to film anything meant the video had to be made remotely too. In true lock down style I made use of whatever props and equipment were available at home and that included creating some sped up footage of watches and clocks running forwards and backwards to convey the image of confused time.  I’d sent some test footage to Chrissy of my filmed vocal parts to give her an idea where I was heading and amazingly she somehow managed to produce footage of her self in the same style. We then worked together over Zoom and messaging to bring it all together.”

“I was excited when Robin approached me to do the vocals for I Stick To You but making a record and a video when you’re 240 miles apart sounded daunting,” adds Mostyn. “In the end it was a great collaboration – fun and challenging in equal measure but I think it turned out just fine! I hope both Cosmograf and Blackheart Orchestra fans enjoy the result.”

Rattrapante will be released on the Gravity Dream Music label in CD, Vinyl and Digital formats.