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Darken your clothes with the new Market x MCR streetwear drop

MARKET has released its newest collection in partnership with My Chemical Romance. The four item collection will be available exclusively on MARKET’s website. Continue reading…



The streetwear brand MARKET has released its newest collection in partnership with My Chemical Romance.

MCR is currently in the midst of their 2022 reunion tour.

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The collection includes a shirt emblazoned with a smiley face sporting Gerard Way’s iconic 2005 red and black hair. Additionally, the line features a hat and hoodie that both bear the words “I grew up listening to My Chemical Romance.” The final piece is a bright red sweater marked with iconography representing the band.

Malachi Shockley, Director of Merchandising at MARKET commented on the collaboration in a press release.

“As a teenager, I wanted to rebel, I wanted to do things differently, and MCR was a beacon of light showing me the way,” Shockley says. “From the lyrics to their outfits, they showed me that I could be different and still build a community of like minded people around me. I wasn’t alone with these guys in my headphones. We wanted to share that same energy and spirit through this collection – reminding people that they can change their perspectives and honor their full creative selves.”

The entire collection will be available exclusively on MARKET’s website. Pieces range in price from $45 – $150 and include sizes S-XXL.


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