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Dave Grohl covers Drake’s Hotline Bling on night two of his Hanukkah Sessions

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl follows up his Beastie Boys’ cover with a smooth take on Drake’s Hotline Bling



Having launched his self-declared “festival of tasty LICKS!” on December 10 with an explosive cover of the Beastie Boys’ 1994 single Sabotage,  Dave Grohl, in partnership with Foo Fighters’ producer Greg Kurstin, has released a super-smooth version of Canadian rapper Drake’s Hotline Bling to celebrate night two of his eight-song Hanukkah Sessions series.

“You might be surprised to learn that this superstar is… Canadian,” Grohl and Kurstin declare on the Foo Fighters’ social media channels. “He’s never hidden the fact that he was M.O.T. so a generation of Jewish parents could tell their kids “if @Drake took the time to study for HIS Bar Mitzvah, you can too.” Twitterverse, challah at your boy!”

Look out for some quality dad dance grinding from Grohl here, as he slinks around holding a menorah.

And just as a reminder of night one of the Hanukkah Sessions, here’s that Beastie Boys’ cover, featuring an excellent post-drumstick fumble recovery from Grohl.

Roll on night three…

The new Foo Fighters album, Medicine At Midnight, will be released on February 5.