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Dave Grohl to celebrates Hanukkah by releasing covers of eight songs by Jewish artists

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin unveil covers song series to celebrate Hanukkah



As the wait for the pandemic-delayed new Foo Fighters album Medicine At Midnight continues, Dave Grohl has announced his intention to celebrate Hanukkah with the release of cover versions of eight songs by Jewish artists, one for each day of the holiday season. The songs will be collaborations between Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin.

“This year, instead of doing a Christmas song, Greg and I decided to celebrate Hanukkah by recording eight songs by eight famous Jewish artists and releasing one song each night of Hanukkah,” Grohl explains in a teaser video for the campaign.

“With all the mishegas of 2020, Greg Kurstin & I were kibbitzing about how we could make Hannukah extra-special this year,” Grohl added in a tweet. “Festival of Lights?! How about a festival of tasty LICKS! So hold on to your tuchuses… we’ve got something special coming for your shayna punims.”

The Grohl/Kurtsin Hannukah tune-fest will commence today (December 10) and continue through to December 18. Rest assured, we shall keep you abreast of each cover song across the holiday season.

Grohl and Kurstin have already collaborated on a Christmas song this year, with the Foo’s leader playing drums for Kurstin and his The Bird And The Bee bandmate Inara George on their take on Christmas standard The Little Drummer Boy.

The Bird And The Bee, with Grohl’s thunderous accompaniment, have recorded a cover of the song for their upcoming festive album Put Up The Lights. The song, written in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis, has previously been covered by a ton of artists including Johnny Cash, The Jackson 5, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, Bob Dylan, Bad Religion and, perhaps most famously, Bing Crosby and David Bowie.

The new Foo Fighters album, Medicine At Midnight, will be released on February 5. Speaking to Kerrang! earlier this year, Grohl promised that his band’s tenth album, the follow-up to 2017’s Concrete And Gold,  will feature “big guitars, big fuckin’ grooves and big fuckin’ choruses.”