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David Coverdale and I don’t get along with Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes admits

‘I don’t really care what Deep Purple are doing,’ former vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes confesses



Glenn Hughes has confessed that his relationship with the current incarnation of Deep Purple isn’t exactly rosy. The one time Purple vocalist/bassist also confirmed David Coverdale’s recent assertion that the English hard rock giant’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 had been a not entirely harmonious one, stating; “If you look at the body language, it’s pretty obvious.”

Sometime Black Country Communion vocalist Hughes, who now fronts The Dead Daisies, made the revelation while talking to eonmusic about the band’s forthcoming album, Holy Ground, which is due for release on January 22.

Speaking about the 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony, during which Hughes and Coverdale were inducted along with former bandmates Ritchie Blackmore and the late Jon Lord, plus current Purple members Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Ian Paice (and others), Hughes says, “It was a little difficult because of, let’s call it ‘personality problems’.”

Hughes, who was a member of the Mk III and Mk IV line-ups of Deep Purple, appearing on the Stormbringer [1974], Burn [1974], and Come Taste the Band [1975] albums continued, “It was David and I holding hands, and the other guys, unfortunately! We just don’t get along with the other guys, at all.”

“It’s a touchy subject,” says Hughes. “It was not an easy night for us. If you look at the body language, it’s pretty obvious, you know? But again, David and I have been thick and thin for so long, I just dearly love him”.

As to his thoughts on the current line-up of the band, Hughes said, “I have no idea what they’re doing, and I don’t really care.”

Hughes comments echo comments made by David Coverdale earlier this year, when he declared, “What the fuck was up their ass?”

Whitesnake’s frontman stated, “They tried to stop us doing speeches, and my wife was fucking furious! And I said; ‘Fuck it, nobody’s going to keep us off!’”

Holy Ground is the first Dead Daisies’ album to feature Glenn Hughes. Check out the full interview, in which the singer discusses his involvement with the band, why he’s avoided performing songs he sang on Black Sabbath’s Seventh Star album, and more.