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David Lee Roth shares Western-style country tune, Giddy-Up!

Cowboy hats at the ready: Van Halen’s David Lee Roth has released the second single from his Western-inspired interactive graphic novel, The Roth Project



Van Halen’s David Lee Roth has released a jangly country song titled Giddy-Up!. The track arrives with cover artwork illustrated by the frontman himself, depicting a set of rowdy cowboys, a bucking horse, and a tribute to Roth’s late former bandmate, Eddie Van Halen.

Giddy-Up! was originally created as part of the soundtrack behind Roth’s 17-chapter interactive graphic novel, The Roth Project, which was released last November. The track is the second single to be shared from the score, following Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill. 

The online comic book is an immersive audio and visual experience, and follows a futuristic/Western-inspired narrative that depicts a world where artificial intelligence has gained the ability to copy human behaviour. The story is narrated by Roth, and is accompanied by his own original score.

The frontman plans to share the rest of the songs on the soundtrack sporadically, or as he calls it, “Drake-style”. Roth told Variety,  “My intention was to release the rest of the songs Drake-style, single by single. That affords a great focus on the individualised tracks, most of which get lost in the shuffle when you release an album.”

Listen to Giddy-Up! below: