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Death metal-loving teacher learns to play left-handed after accident, celebrates with wild gig for elementary school pupils

All hail school teacher/guitarist Philippe Drouin who overcomes personal tragedy, drives schools kids crazy with death metal gig



Not all heroes wear capes. Some teach elementary school, and perform technical death metal for over-excited pupils after overcoming personal tragedy.

We realise this may take a little explaining. So let us first of all introduce you to Philippe Drouin, frontman of Quebec death metal band Obvurt and elementary school teacher.

In December 2016, after being caught up in a car accident, Drouin found himself unable to play guitar, as he could no longer pick due to an injury to his right hand. Rather than abandoning the instrument he’d been playing for 15 years, Drouin simply taught himself to play left-handed, under the tutelage of guitar teacher Michael Angelo Batio. 

Now, the inspirational metaller has played his first gig as a left-handed guitarist, performing with his death metal trio Obvurt at Saint-Albert-Le-Grand Elementary School, where he happens to be a music teacher. 

To complete this tale’s happy ending, Drouin’s adorable pupils go wild in response to his playing, entering into the spirit of the gig with some uninhibited headbanging and proto-moshing.

Well done everyone.