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Debut Mason Hill album Against the Wall is well constructed, melodic and powerful

Against The Wall is an energetic, classy debut from young hard rockers Mason Hill



It’s taken five years, but finally Glaswegians Mason Hill have an album to their name. And it’s been worth the wait. If you enjoy Gun, Little Angels and Skin, then you’ll go a bundle on what these five do. 

The songs are well constructed, melodic and powerful. Predicated on Scott Taylor’s emotive vocal style, and with the quick-fire guitar interplay between James Bird and Marc Montgomery, the band have come up with an album of mostly memorable songs. 

No Regret and Against The Wall have the brawn of air-punching anthems, while Who We Are shows they can do a power ballad. Find My Way betrays the strut and groove of arena rock, and Hold On is a slow burner that soon catches fire. 

One or two tracks, such as We Pray, are a little ordinary, but for the most part the album displays an exciting young talent.