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Disturbed’s David Draiman has challenged Justin Bieber to a cannabis “smoke off”

David Draiman is taking full advantage of the ‘high’ life in Amsterdam and is now challenging pop sensation Justin Bieber to a “smoke off”, whatever that means



While David Draiman‘s Twitter account is usually reserved for weighing in on the political matters that are important to him, now and again, he throws caution to the wind and lets loose via the posting of less serious snapshots of his life. 

Earlier this month, the Disturbed frontman crossed the Atlantic for a trip to Amsterdam, and by the looks of his Twitter feed, he’s been taking full advantage of the country’s legal and liberal stance on weed.

In fact, since the singer’s trip to the Netherlands, he’s made multiple posts about the ‘high’ life, be it sharing weed-centric memes, sharing photos of marijuana nuggets or even going so far as to upload hazy-eyed selfies with the caption ‘High’. Yes folks, if you didn’t already know this, David Draiman smokes weed. 

In one of his most recent tweets, the singer even challenges pop sensation Justin Bieber to a “smoke off”, whatever that means. 

“Hey , I hear you’re in #amsterdam! So am I! I challenge you to a smoke off!!! @justinbieber” he writes, along with the hashtags, “#CannabisCommunity #cannabisculture“.

So Biebs, if you’re reading, go find the Draiman for that weed, man.

In a recent chat with Revolver, which saw him discuss his life story, Disturbed’s leader discussed his experiences with drugs as a teen, and how that time led him to nip his unhealthy habit in the bud, so to speak.

Speaking of how his strong ties to Judaism growing up meant that certain activities, such as talking to girls, were prohibited, Draiman goes on to explain how this restraint caused him to only become more rebellious and eventually turn to drug use.

“I just wanted to do the things a normal teenage kid would do. We sometimes took it a step or two further. I’m sure that nobody exactly encourages a 14-year-old kid to go and smoke weed in the boiler room in the school with a whole bunch of other students.

“But when you’re forced to live a very, very restrictive life as an adolescent, it’s not an easy thing. You see all the things that everybody else around you has and you want them. And that created a rebellion of sorts.

Opening up about the moment that made him finally get out of the hard drug scene, he recalls: “It kind of came to a head by the time I was 18 years old, and I had a little moment of clarity and woke up underneath a car on New Year’s Eve, my 18th year of life. No shirt, no shoes, no wallet, just my jeans, freezing to death. And I happened to know a buddy of mine that lived a couple blocks away and stumbled to his door and collapsed.

“And my parents were looking for me for a couple days, still in denial after that. I was sick for three months going through withdrawal, coming off of everything. But that was the last time I touched anything heavy. And then for seven years I didn’t touch anything at all. I didn’t even smoke.

“But thank God I survived it. I think that’s part of the reason why as a professional musician I never really got dragged into the drug scene, per se. Because I had my time during my teens.”

View his tweets below:

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