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Ego Kill Talent prove themselves arena-ready with The Dance Between Extremes

Ego Kill Talent’s The Dance Between Extremes is earworm pop-metal from Sao Paulo, Brazil



Two albums in and Ego Kill Talent have hit on a winning formula – basically a refinement of the blueprint laid down with their 2017 debut, but with bags more melody and a far keener ear for sparkling choruses. 

It really doesn’t seem like an accident that they’ve supported bands like Shinedown and Foo Fighters in the past, because the similarity in sound makes them an almost perfect fit. 

The Dance Between Extremes was even recorded at Studio 606, bringing an uplifting Foo-style feel. Key to their success is Jonathan Dörr’s soaring vocals, which are irresistible when they lock into the super-tight riffery (a combo that’s particularly effective on In Your Dreams Tonight, The Call and Our Song). 

Crafted for instant, maximum impact, these songs are arena-ready and signal a bright future for EKT – once they can get themselves on stage again.