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Eric Church slams Covid-19 anti-vaxxers: ‘Our grandparents fought the Nazis. Surely we can a shot in the arm’

Country superstar Eric Church has a message for fans: ‘You want to see me play guitar? Get a shot’



Country music superstar Eric Church has criticised Covid-19 anti-vaxxers, saying that he has “no tolerance” for anyone who is against the vaccine. 

In a wide-ranging interview in the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, which is on-sale from April 29, the North Carolina-born singer/songwriter discusses the making of his new triple album, Heart & Soul, and expressed his hope that he might be able to return to the stage before the end of 2021. “That’s if people keep getting vaccinated,” he adds.

“I have no tolerance for people against the vaccine,” he continues. “Our grandparents went and fought the Nazis, for God’s sake. Surely we can get a shot in the arm. It drives me bonkers that we make this political or spread misinformation.”

“It’s very simple. You want to see me play guitar? You want to see your favourite team in a stadium? You want to throw your arms around the person next to you? You got to do one thing. We’re playing the hand we’ve been dealt. None of us want to be in this situation. I’m playing the cards that are in front of me. And those cards say this is the way to do it.”

“It hasn’t been common in country music for artists to talk about sensitive issues,” Church admits elsewhere in the interview. “People really don’t take a stand on anything. They just want to continue because there’s corporate sponsorship, so they toe the line… But I think the situation is improving, and there’s diversity. If you look back at music history, the best damn music has come from diversity. I would hope that artists feel comfortable speaking or singing about whatever they want to without repercussion.”

You can read more from Church in the new issue of Classic Rock. 

Heart & Soul is out now, via Snakefarm in the UK.