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Evergrey’s Escape Of The Phoenix: soaring anthems from prog metal’s most underrated band

Prog metal lifers Evergrey show their class with soaring 11th album Escape Of The Phoenix



After 25 years, Evergrey should be far better known. The concluding chapter of a conceptual trilogy, The Atlantic ranked among the most engaging progressive metal records of 2019. Now the Swedes have returned with a set of tunes written and recorded as the world withdrew from normality. Befitting a lyricist as gifted as frontman Tom S Englund, it poses a series of questions, such as what happens when its titular phoenix, an eternal symbol of rebirth, prefers to remain dead? Evergrey make music that is crisp, accomplished and often polished with a gleaming commercial edge. With luck, maybe Englund’s duet with Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie on The Beholder will introduce them to a few more newbies.