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Every song on Metallica’s Ride The Lightning now has stunning bespoke artwork

Colombian artist Felipe Mora has created an oil painting for every song on Metallica’s Ride The Lightning album



Having previously served up a ‘visual reimagining’ of Metallica’s debut album Kill Em All, Colombian artist Felipe Mora has now created an oil painting for every song on the band’s second album Ride The Lightning, to raise money for the care of children battling cancer.

Mora’s Dealing Out the Agony II collection features bespoke artwork for each of the eight songs on the Californian band’s 1984 masterpiece. A member of the Third World Posse, a collective drawing together talented artists emerging from developing nations, Mora says of the project: “It will look and feel like a vinyl record – but inside will contain eight 12×12 inch prints of pure visual violence and mayhem. Dealing Out The Agony II will become the perfect accompaniment to the music itself. Pour over the artworks as the music fills your ears – stick them on your wall to brighten up any living space – set fire to them as a sacrifice to the dark one… the power is yours!”

The first 100 sold will contain a bonus hand numbered, signed print. 


(Image credit: CREEPING DEATH by Felipe Mora)

THE CALL OF KTULU by Felipe Mora

(Image credit: THE CALL OF KTULU by Felipe Mora)

As with Mora’s original Dealing Out The Agony collection, 60% of all profits from the Ride The Lightning set will be donated to the Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children dealing with cancer in Colombia.

Find out more about the project on the Indiegogo site.


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