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Feeling funky? Treat yourself to this slinky Aerosmith vs Peaches and Herb mash-up

Hats off to mash-up maestro Bill McClintock, he’s only gone and done it again



Happy ‘Hump Day’ everyone.

If you’re feeling in need of some mid-week smooooooth, sweeeeet seduction, we’ve got you covered. Actually, no, we don’t, we are but meek and humble servants of The One With Horns, but Bill McClintock? Mash-up Maestro McClintock? He’s got you covered. 

We make no no bones here about our appreciation of McClintock’s splendidly creative, sometimes dangerously left-field, sonic surgery, and the man has pulled off another triumph here, (metaphorically) welding together Peaches and Herb’s 1978 disco shimmer-boogie hit Shake Your Groove Thing, Aerosmith‘s Dude (Looks Like a Lady), the lead single from 1987’s glorious Permanent Vacation album, and The Isley Brothers’ Who’s That Lady from 1964.

Come on in, the (sound) waves are lovely…

For more McClintock magic, just visit his YouTube channel. Curious to hear how Black Sabbath might sound collaborating with Wham!? So was Geezer Butler. Fancy hearing Judas Priest fronted by James Brown or the aural offspring of Prince and Slayer? You know where to go.

Truly, it’s Bill McClintock’s world, we just live in it.