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Flashback: blink-182 cover Misfits’ punk hit “Hybrid Moments”

Back in 2014, blink-182 covered Misfits’ iconic punk song “Hybrid Moments” at Reading Festival and Amnesia Rockfest. Watch the video. Continue reading…



This is Flashback, where we’re reminiscing about some of the most iconic and obscure moments in alt-rock history. This week, we’re looking at when blink-182 covered the Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments.” 

As drummer Travis Barker continues to heal from his recent finger surgery, you may be feeling hopeful for his speedy recovery, and eager to see blink-182 out on the road again soon.

While they may have had to reschedule a handful of dates and cancel several festival appearances, their major U.S. tour with the original lineup is still scheduled to kick off later this spring. The setlist is pretty fair game at this point — but the group is known to break out covers every now and then, from the Descendants to the Cure.

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Back in 2014, blink-182 even covered punk-rock icons Misfits. The band whipped out the group’s beloved “Hybrid Moments” at a handful of festivals that year, including Amnesia Rockfest and Reading Festival. That was when lead singer Tom DeLonge was still in the group, before he departed the following year from then until 2022, so you can hear him on the cover — and his pop-punk vocals lend very well to the fast-paced punk anthem.

Blink’s “Hybrid Moments” cover isn’t the only time they paid homage to Misfits. They also played “Skulls” at a couple gigs in 2019, but of course DeLonge wasn’t on those renditions. Regardless, it only makes sense the band’s punk love runs deep.

As you wait patiently and get excited for blink-182 to play live again soon — and start thinking about your wish list of what songs they might cover this time around — check out the band’s “Hybrid Moments” cover from 2014 Reading Festival below.


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