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Foo Fighters’ anthem Everlong sounds fantastic reimagined as smooth jazz

YouTuber Anthony Vincent gives Dave Grohl‘s break-up anthem a lounge jazz makeover… Nice



YouTuber Anthony Vincent made his name online as the Ten Second Song Guy, reworking hard rock and metal classics in a rapid-fire variety of different vocal and genre styles, resulting in a 3.49 million subscriber base, and a Metal Hammer Golden God award

Sometimes though, after a hard day at the online creative coal-face, a dude just wants to throw on a velvet smoking jacket, mix up a negroni, spark up a cheroot and chill to some smooooooooooth cocktail lounge jazz. And if that requires knocking up a sensual, slow burn take on a Foo Fighters arena rock banger, then so be it.

Back in real-life Foo world, Dave Grohl has announced his intention to share his memories of a ‘life lived loud’ with the release of his first book, The Storyteller. The memoir will be published in the UK by Simon & Schuster on October 5.