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Francis Dunnery announces new studio album

Francis Dunnery will release new solo album The Big Purple Castle in November



Former It Bites frontman Francis Dunnery will release a brand new studio album, The Big Purple Castle, next month. The album, which Dunnery has begun pushing on his social media channels, will be an Enhanced Digital Release and will be available from November 6.

“This is not a normal release,” Dunnery explains. “It is a brand new format called an Enhanced Digital Release that we have devised. This is the first one of its kind.

“We set out to record a natural sounding collection of songs that wouldn’t exhaust your ears and wouldn’t pin you back in your chair. With these recordings you have to lean in a bit. There no plug ins on the project. No EQ, No Compression and no plug ins of any sort on the channels.”

Maschine guitarist Luke Machin, who has worked previously with Dunnery, announced on his own social media channels that he will also feature on the new album, as well as bassist Paul Brown.

What an absolute honour it is for me to be a small part of one of the biggest albums of the big lad’s career to date,” enthuses Machin.

“The album is a genuine piece of art packed with stories delivered with passion and authenticity wrapped up in a raw, natural and organic production. I can’t wait till you all can hear it… It’s the album we’ve all been waiting for!”

You can watch Dunnery talk about the creation of The Big Purple Castle in a video below.