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Gandalf’s Fist release new festive single Witchwood

Get the brand new festive single from UK prog sextet Gandalf’s Fist for just £1!



UK prog rock sextet Gandalf’s Fist have announced that they have released a new festive single Witchwood. It follows the band’s last Christmas offering Winter’s Mourning, which they released in 2017. The song featured in the Top 20 Prog Christmas Songs as voted for by Prog Magazine readers.

“We’re over the moon to announce our annual “festive” track for 2020,” the band say. “For the meagre price of £1 you can delve back into the outskirts of the enchanted wood of Winter’s Mourning where young men still dare to travel, for the bewitching sounds of the beautiful sorceresses dwell there still… Somewhere between a traditional Christmas carol and a winter dirge we’re sure it will tide you over the festive season!”

Gandalf’s Fist celebrated their tenth anniversary earlier this year and released a new single, Stakes At Low Tide.

Get Witchwood.