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Get immersed in James Johnston and Steve Gullick’s haunting album trailer for Everybody’s Sunset

Faust collaborator James Johnston and teams up with photographer Steve Gullick for the epic Everybody’s Sunset



Photographer Steve Gullick and musician-artist James Johnston (Faust/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) have teamed up on the cinematic post-rock album, Everybody’s Sunset – out on November 18 via God Unknown Records. 

The creative pair first met in 1991 and formed the band ….Bender in 2004, but it wasn’t until late 2019 that they decided to begin work on more experimental music. Everybody’s Sunset is the second album released under their own names and follows on from 2021’s We Travel Time. A keen fan of krautrock, prog readers might also know Johnston from his work with Faust on 2011’s Something Dirty.

Everybody’s Sunset sees the duo use violin, organ, guitar, banjo, autoharp, harmonica, piano, synthesisers and more to maximum effect across 10 tracks of experimental post-rock. 

“A lot of the record is about tension,” says Johnston. “Eno and Tavener are things I was listening to; we were pushing away from songs.”

But it’s the album’s near-10-minute title track, which closes the album, that really brings together their avant-garde influences.  

“This track, that’s the centre of the record, was cut together, cut apart, ending up almost unrecognisable from where it started and then goes off on a complete tangent,” explains Johnston. 

“Even though we record fast, to keep a live feel, we really spent time on this album reassembling and disassembling a lot of the tracks. The fractured, wistful song has a kind of damaged psychedelic yearning we both love on Big Star’s 3rd, or at least that’s what we were going for, which goes into a totally spacey and almost Wagnerian synth and string freak-out, or a Popol Vuh Herzog soundtrack.  We were definitely both listening to side two of Low and Heroes at the time too and wanted to give the music a chance to stretch out, go somewhere unexpected.”

Pre-order (opens in new tab) Everybody’s Sunset via Bandcamp and stream the album trailer below. 


1 The Moon & The Stars
2 Shimmer
3 A Fear Of Everything
4 Save Our Souls
5 Ice Moon
6 The Town That Couldn’t Sleep
7 Medieval Death Song
8 A Greater Silence
9 Who I Who
10 Everybody’s Sunset