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Get Metal Hammer’s exclusive Hammerfall bundle with a beer mat and hand-signed art card

The Hammerfall X Metal Hammer ‘Hammers Unite’ bundle is limited to 250 copies, so move quickly!



To celebrate the release of Hammerfall’s epic Hammer Of Dawn, which emerged earlier this year to great acclaim, we’ve teamed up with the Swedish power metallers  for an exclusive bundle. (opens in new tab)

As well as having a special variant Hammerfall cover, it comes with an exclusive beer mat and a hand-signed art card. Only 250 bundles are available worldwide, so be quick!

Inside the magazine is a feature with frontman Joacim Cans and guitarist Oscar Dronjak, who recall the moment the band came together. Oscar had left early melodeath band Ceremonial Oath to carve out his own, fantastical path.

“Hammerfall was born as a heavy metal band that wore the leather, studs and chains that Ceremonial Oath did not want me to wear!” Oscar recalls.

Once he recruited singer Joacim Cans from ‘sword metal’ band Highlander, his vision was complete.

“All the other bands were talking about grunge and thrash and all that, but we kept on about all these obscure bands like Stormwitch and Warlord and Picture,” says Joacim. “I think that was a good start. It showed us the manual for heavy metal that we use is the same!”

Order your copy of the exclusive Hammerfall bundle online now (opens in new tab) – and get it delivered straight to your door.