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God Is An Astronaut release “stunning artsy” new video for In Flux

Irish post-rock quartet God Is An Astronaut released their latest album Ghost Tapes #10 in February



Irish. post-rock quartet God Is An Astronaut have released a video for In Flux. The song is taken from the band’s most recent studio album Ghost Tapes #10 which was released last February.

“The six-minute piece of art contains a sample taken from the US Propaganda campaign Operation Wandering Soul, in which US forces used eerie sounds and altered voices, with the intention of pretending to be killed Viet Cong, to instill a sense of turmoil and fear,” the band explain. “It features one of the album’s most challenging time signatures, needing time to unfold before it sticks in the listener’s head. The song comes together with a stunning and artsy black and white video that perfectly underlines the overall vibe of In Flux.”

Ghost Tapes #10, the follow-up to 2018’s Epitaph is described as “the most ferocious God Is An Astronaut full-length to date – it still retains all the rich musical and emotive elements the band is known for by wheeling around luminance, but offering its harsh and deep reminiscences as well.”

God Is An Astronaut have previously released video for Fade and Burial.